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Why Manual Research?

Every year, 80% of business information changes. CEO’s are coming and going, telephone numbers changing and new email addresses appear as people change jobs. In order for your campaign to be successful, you need to contact the people sitting in the positions you need today and not last week.

Let’s say you were looking for a list of real estate agents in your area. Would you want the ones specialised in commercial or residential property? Maybe you wanted only the ones that manage properties as well? What if you are a photographer and only want the agents who are missing a headshot photograph from their LinkedIn profile?! ListGenies cater your list exactly to your needs - the sky is the limit.

As any successful business knows, quality is the key ingredient in maintaining relationships and keeping our customers happy. We want you to be happy - if you are satisfied, we are satisfied. Our quality control supervisors ensure that each list contains only accurate and relevant data for you. If you aren’t satisfied or if you receive an error, we will gladly replace that information for you or refund you on it and will work until you are fully satisfied with your order. To mitigate any errors before ordering (and to see what you get), we’ll make you a free no obligation sample list of 25 leads to ensure that we are on the right path with your list. We can fine tune and tweak it until it sits right for you.

Surprisingly, big data companies like Experian and Dun & Bradstreet are more expensive than us! Huge companies spend millions of dollars trying to automate their data quality with large teams and end up with a product that is actually sub-par than ours. They have been around a long time, that’s why they are ‘ahead’. This is what we guarantee though: if you receive an error in an Experian or D&B list - the turn around time for a replacement piece of information will take days if not weeks! We are a small team that cares about our clients - any issues are dealt with immediately and resolved by day’s end - guaranteed.

All - and we mean ALL, pre-existing databases do not have their email address verified when you order. You are guaranteed to to buy out of date information that way! List Genies verify ALL email addresses for deliverability before giving you your list against testing from 75 different email servers around the world! In the unlikely event you receive an error, we will gladly replace it for you or refund you for that information. Still not satisfied? We will take all necessary steps to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase!

What You Get

In Excel Format


Full Name

Full Name

Job Title

Job Title

Company Name






Individual Email

Individual Email

Landline Telephone


Direct Mail


Cell Phone

Cell Phone

Instagram URL

Instagram URL

LinkedIn URL

LinkedIn URL

Twitter URL

Twitter URL

Verified Emails Only

Say Goodbye! to invalid emails and your email verification software

List Genies researchers give you real, verified emails so you don't have to bother with additional verification tools. Every email is verified twice against a strict 6-step verification process before delivery. In the unlikely event you receive erroneous information we will give you a free replacement guaranteed or your money back no questions asked!

Get The Right Decision Makers

The biggest problem in sales prospecting is not selling the decision makers - it's finding them in the first place!

Our researchers utilise a plethora of online resources such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Google Maps, Government Indexes, Company Registries, Yellow Pages & More to find your information, saving you hassle at an affordable price.

Your Leads Researched by:
Job Title Job Title
Industry Industry
Geography Geography
Function Function
Headcount Headcount
Keywords Keywords
Company Name Company Name
Company Type Company Type
+ more

Free Updates

Your prospect list is monitored for any changes of address, telephone and email

Receive updated information as soon as a change is detected FREE of charge


High Quality Live Data

Using strict quality control procedures as well as AI technologies, our researchers discover and verify data using live sources, ensuring you fresh, accurate and relevant data

What people are saying

Ben Lang

Marketing, Spoke

I was responsible for outbound marketing pre-launch to engage potential users. List Genies allowed us to target our exact audience without snagging old or invalid info. I am very pleased with our engagement rate!

Jason Amunwa

Founder, Growth Look

I had a custom job involving a list of companies I already had. List Genies support were rapid and clear in their responses, and turned around a high-quality list of contacts, with an excellent hit rate. Would definitely work with List Genies again - thanks very much!

Brooke Weinbaum

Head of Marketing, CopyLeaks

I target Legal and Copywriting professionals to use our plagiarism detection software...Our outbound Email campaign had a conversion rate of 18%! Well beyond our expectations...

Michael Houlihan

Founder, Barefoot Wines - Forbes, Entrepreneur

Relationships are about people. List Genies allowed me to build and nurture relationships by contacting the right people I was looking for. I recommend List Genies to builid your relationships with!

Some Questions
You Might Have

How do you compile your data?

Our researchers compile your business data from a variety of public sources such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • ZoomInfo
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Yellow Page directories
  • Corporate websites
  • New business filings
  • Daily utility connections
  • Press releases
  • Annual reports
  • User-generated feedback
  • And more
How quickly will I receive my list?

New data lists up to 1,000 leads have a turnaround time of 48 hours. Lists greater than 1,000 will take longer. Please ask us about a delivery time specific to your needs.

In what format will my list be delivered?

Lists are delivered in .xls format (Microsoft Excel). If you would like another format please ask us and we will deliver in your requested format.

Is your site secure?

Yes, all credit card information entered on our site is sent through a secure connection, using 256-bit encryption.

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

We believe our strict quality control with human verification and AI technology ensures the best possible product there is. But we also recognise that no database can be perfect. Every year, 80% of businesses and 20% of the consumer population moves. So it's natural to receive a small amount of outdated listings.

That's why we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You'll receive a full refund or replacement for any portion of your list that's undeliverable, out of date, or disconnected.

What is your spam policy?

Spam email is not encouraged. We supply emails to you with the sole intention of personal outreach.

Are your lists opt-in?

Yes - here’s an explanation from our legal team:

When people ask if a list is ‘opt-in’ - the meaning is, has the person given ‘consent’ to be contacted. Since all the information in your list is found in user generated or publicly available online listings, your data is legally considered ‘opt-in’ as the person has given their ‘consent’ by posting their contact information online and wishes to be contacted.

See terms and conditions

Are your lists GDPR safe?

Yes - here’s a brief explanation from our legal team:

GDPR in this case concerns user ‘consent’, less data retention. Since your list data is discovered in ‘user generated’ and publicly available forums - where the person has given their ‘consent’ and wish to be contacted, your list is legally considered GDPR safe.

The key requirements of the GDPR are that data is used responsibly, is checked regularly and that the person listed (or someone associated with that person) has not asked to be removed from that list.

1. Only send mail that relates to business matters.

2. If you are using email addresses your email must contain a mechanism whereby the person can opt out of receiving any further e-marketing communications from you. All it requires is a line at the bottom of the email saying 'if you don't wish to hear from us again, please reply with the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject line'. This is a central part of the Privacy & Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

See terms and conditions

What is your refund policy?

100% Customer satisfaction is our aim. If you receive any undeliverable, outdated or disconnected piece of information, we will gladly replace it for you free of charge. Still not satisfied? We will refund you for that piece of information. If more than 5% of your list contains erroneous information we will refund you as well as pay you $0.50 per piece of information thereafter.

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